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At Port  Removals & Storage we have a range of packing materials, with boxes for sale, and loads of moving supplies that will make packing for your interstate move easy, including new and used tea chest cartons, book cartons, wine cartons, Porta-Robes, TV cartons, bicycle cartons, tape, bubble wrap and wrapping paper (to name just a few!). You can order these packing materials online, or you can give us a call and let us help you work out how many cartons , boxes etc, you need. Then we’ll deliver the packing materials to your door or you can pick them up from our depot, so you can make an early start with your packing.
(Prices listed are subject to change without notice)
packing materials

ItemPrice (each)Bulk
Book/wine cartons$5.50$50.00 (10pk)
Tea chest cartons$5.50$50.00 (10pk)
Book/wine cartons 2nd hand$3.50$30.00 (10pk)
Tea chest cartons 2nd hand$3.50$30.00 (10pk)
Porta-Robes (for hanging clothes)$17.50
TV CartonCall for Price
Bicycle Carton$20.50
Tape$3.50$18 (6pk)
Bubble wrap (per linear metre)$3.00
Large wrapping paper7.5Kg$2515kg $50
Mattress protectors in all sizes$6.00
Sofa/lounge protectors$5.00
Dining chair covers$2.00

Packing Materials Description

Book & Wine Cartons

Books can be deceivingly heavy, so when packing books, make sure you can lift the carton easily. Book cartons are designed especially to make sure that your books and (our removalists) backs are both protected by limiting the space available. It is wise to pack a mixture of hardbacks and paperbacks too, so the box doesn’t get too heavy.

Wine Cartons

Piling all your wine into a big box is a likely recipe for disaster. Not only will it be too heavy to carry, but there’s a strong likelihood of breakage as well. Along with the loss of your wine, you could cause considerable damage to your other belongings – red wine stains easily!

Tea Chest Cartons

These are the most commonly used cartons because their size and versatility allows a whole range of goods to be packed into them. Kitchen goods, decorations, small paintings, lamps, stereos, computers, towels, bed-linen, clothes, toys, and sporting gear can all be packed easily and efficiently in a tea chest carton.

Porta-Robes for Hanging Clothes

Don’t mess around with hangers and clothes in boxes when moving. Take your clothes straight out of your closet on their hangers, and slot them right into a Porta-robe. Not only will it protect your clothes from being crushed, it makes it a lot easier at the other end as well when you can put clothes straight into the new wardrobe without having to rehang them.

TV Cartons

Did you keep the box your plasma TV came in? If so, you can pack it right back in. If not (and let’s face it, who does!) we have specialised TV cartons that will protect your valuable television. After all, you’d hate it if you got to your new house and you couldn’t watch the new season of Game of Thrones because your TV was broken!

Bicycle Cartons

Don’t forget the bikes! They are easily damaged in transit if they’re not protected. We offer sturdy bike cartons which make transporting your bike safe and easy.

Mattress Protectors, Sofa Protectors and Dining Chair Covers

Furniture is expensive, so you want to make sure it’s well protected when you move. And if it’s raining, the last thing you need is your beds and couches getting wet! Our heavy duty mattress, lounge and dining chair covers ensure that you furniture is protected from dust, dirt and rain.

Tape, Bubble Wrap and Wrapping Paper

When you’re transporting valuable or fragile goods, wrapping with bubble wrap or wrapping paper is essential. You can use newspaper, but it is not recommended because the newsprint can mark or damage your goods whilst in transit. Wrapping your crockery, ornaments, and precious goods in plenty of plain wrapping paper and bubble wrap will ensure that arrive cleanly and safely. And don’t forget to make sure you use good quality packing tape to secure your boxes. There’s nothing worse than using cheap tape and finding your boxes collapsing in the middle of a move!

Handy Packing Tips

To ensure your interstate move goes smoothly, it is essential to have all your belongings packed up in boxes, ready to go when our removalists arrive. That way nothing gets lost or damaged, and your goods will arrive safely with no breakages. You may be tempted to use any old boxes you can find, but strong, sturdy and easily sealable professional moving boxes are highly recommended to keep your goods in good condition, and to make sure they can be loaded and unloaded from the truck or container easily.

Pack Early to Save Money!

Every week our trusty removalists arrive at somebody’s home or apartment to find they are still packing! Now given that the removalist industry charges by the hour, the last thing you want is to have our guys standing around twiddling their thumbs while you pack up your undies or kitchen crockery! So don’t wait until the removalists are at your door to start packing your boxes. Pack early. The more organised you are, the more money you will save on the move. Also, packing as much as you can well before the removalists arrive will make for a much less stressful day for you. And moving is stressful enough without adding needlessly to it.

Choose the Right Box to Pack Your Belongings in

When packing your boxes, keep in mind that the easier it is for our movers to lift, the quicker your move will be, and thus the less you will end up paying. Our removalists are use to heavy lifting, but making their job easier means a quicker, more cost-effective move for you. If you can lift it, great. If you can’t, time to get another moving box!

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